The Rules

The Rules

UK and Americas Quizzing Circuit Individual Quiz Rules

All individual quizzing circuit quizzes, known as “Grands Prix” follow the same format:

  • The quizzes are written papers
  • The quiz has 240 questions split into six genres of 30 questions plus 10 tie-breakers
  • Questions 28 to 30 in each genre are linked to images – these appear on the last sheet of the bundle
  • 90 minutes to answer as many questions as possible
  • If asked for a person’s name, unless told otherwise, a surname is all that is required. Don’t risk writing down the wrong forename. A wrong given name results will lose you the point
  • Where the subject of the question is female, their surname at birth (if different) will always be accepted – unless the question specifies otherwise
  • Unless stated otherwise, phonetically correct answers will be accepted – this is a test of your knowledge NOT spelling
  • There is no added penalty for a wrong answer
  • Players must not use mobile phones or any other resource during the quiz, nor can they confer with other players. This is a quiz for individual players
  • Papers are swapped between players for marking and the answers are read by the proctor. (Please make sure your name is written clearly on the top sheet of your papers)
  • At the end of marking, your checker should copy your scores, in duplicate, into the two tables on the top sheet of the bundle. If you agree with their marking, tear-off the bottom portion and hand it to the proctor. Once this has been done, no further discussions will be entered into about your score.
  • After marking you will get your paper back and you have 5 minutes to check you agree with the scoring.  Disputed answer must be referred to the proctor in this time. Please indicate which answer(s) you are querying, using the space provided on the reverse of the tear-off. Specify which question(s) you are querying (genre & number) and the answer you gave, and make the proctor aware you’ve raised a query. The proctor is the official adjudicator for your site – their decision is final – but they do have the facility to query matters with the central adjudicator who considers all referrals. Listen for the outcome of any such referral, including queries not raised at your venue.
  • If you finish before 90 minutes expires, you may leave your seat, leaving your bundle on the table. Please respect the need of players still quizzing to be free of distractions. You are also permitted during the quiz to visit the toilet, or take a smoke break, but please leave your bundle on the table.
  • In the event of any unprecedented occurrence or unforeseen circumstance arising during the quiz, the proctor may give a ruling on the matter and their decision shall be final. Similarly, the proctor (or central adjudicator) can mark-down your score discovered to have been inflated, accidentally or otherwise.
  • Your commencing to answer questions in a Grand Prix paper indicates your complete and unequivocal acceptance of these rules.


  • Players aggregate their five best genres to find their overall score.
  • In the first instance ties are separated by reference to a player’s dropped score (their sixth, weakest genre). If players are still tied, the one with the highest scoring paper in any genre wins. If still tied, the player with the next highest scoring genre (and so on) will prevail.


Each genre forms a separate contest. Tied genre scores are separated by reference to the tiebreakers, which are worth just 0.1 point each. If players are tied on both main score and tiebreakers, they remain tied.


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